Conditioned Reflex. Red is Stop, Green is Go.

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Post by BioCell » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:15 pm

Well, a conditioned reflex is part of the Classical Conditioning :arrow:

It's impossible to consider the decision to go when green and stop when red as a simple reflex. I mean, it's obvious that you decide whether you want to move or you don't. Otherwise, when someone presented a green light you would move unconsciously. No way. You really do think about it before action.

Though I'm not sure about it as a conditioned reflex. I'll think about it.
I do think there's some social learning. You know, in part we tend to think that red is to be aware and green to be ok cause of social environment. It have always been like that. Everyone thinks like that.

There's something interesting though.
In the 1995 TV Serie "Sliders", in the very first episode, pilot, Quinn travels to a parallel world where actually red is go and green is stop. :wink:

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