Regionalize Biotech Investments in Africa

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Regionalize Biotech Investments in Africa

Post by gmoafrica » Wed Aug 30, 2006 10:53 pm

Africa is inching closer to adopting biotechnology. A panel of African scientists and policy makers has drafted a White Paper on biotechnology, to be submitted to African heads of state summit, planned for January 2007.

Among the key highlights of the report is regionalization of biotechnology investments. The panel envisages need-based biotech investments. This proposal has stirred controversy – which I believe is unwarranted - with some countries fearing that they will be starved of research funds.

Supporters of the proposal argue that regionalization of biotech investments will accelerate the adoption of GMOs in Africa. I agree with them, and you can read my post on the issue at Currently, Africa finds itself in a sorry situation where scientists are engaged in identical biotech research. This is wanton wastage of scarce research funds. Regionalizing biotech research will solve this problem, by proliferating centers of excellence in places where they are needed most.

I would encourage every scientist of goodwill to support this draft report. Its ratification by African leaders will be an important step in solving Africa’s food problems.

James Njoroge Wachai
Gmo Africa Blog

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Post by rvidal » Sat Sep 09, 2006 4:15 am

Love your blog and find this issue very important. It may literaly bring food to the people sooner than later.

Keep up the good work. Spreading the word on topics like this one is always a good thing.

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