Apple Decomposition


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Inaki Uhi
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Apple Decomposition

Post by Inaki Uhi » Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:45 am

Hey guys, my name is Gab and i am currently in yr 10. I have been given a science assesment task in which i am instructed to carry out my own scientific investigation. Students were given the opportunity to create an experiment on anything scientifical, get results and collect research (as well as other things).

I have decided to do "decomposition of apples".


*12 apples
-3 in the refrigerator
-3 in the wooden box
-3 in the plastic box
-3 on the kitchen bench (the control)

*Wooden box
*Plastic box
*12 round Chinese dishes
*Digital Scale


1.Draw up a table with 2 columns and 13 rows. On the left column write “Name” as a heading and on the right column write “Mass” as the heading. On this table, I will be writing down the apple, eg. Apple 1 (fridge) and a daily record of its mass.

2.Label all 12 apples with the white stickers, keep in mind that there are 3 apples in every environment.

3.Weigh all the apples accurately on the digital scale and record the mass on the table created in Step 1.

4.Place each apple on a round Chinese dish (used to record if any liquid drops from the apples) and label the Chinese dish according to the apple on it, for example “Apple 1 (bench)” will have the same label on its dish.

5.Put 3 apples in the refrigerator

6.Put 3 apples in the wooden box

7.Put 3 apples in the sealed plastic box

8.Put 3 apples on the bench. This will be the control as the apples in this environment will be exposed to the atmosphere in the room

9.Every night record the apple’s mass and record any observations, ideas or changes in your logbook. If you see any physical changes take a photograph

10.Repeat step 9 every night, for 2 weeks.

Okai, so ive gotten the results but heres my problem: ITS HARD TO FIND RESEARCH, so would any of you know what happens when apples decompose. I left eh apples there for 18 days and they are full of fungus, it's all green and hairy...

Please Help :(

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Re: Apple Decomposition

Post by Clarissa » Wed Aug 30, 2006 6:35 pm

Hello... well i found this web page maybe it could help you a little bit to expand your research. ... phappl.htm

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