Didosaurus mauritianus - ecological niche

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Didosaurus mauritianus - ecological niche

Post by Brian - LCRC » Fri Aug 25, 2006 8:21 pm

Courtesy of POLYPHEMOS


SENI biometric analysis


Didosaurus mauritianus (underlined), the Mauritian Giant Skink, became extinct by 1650. Only a semi - complete specimen is known in addition to some odd bones. (Supposedly, the director of the Mauritian Institute threw away specimens including some bones of Didosaurus). The remaining skeleton is missing the feet and digits, thus making it impossible for a SENI biometric analysis per se. The semi - complete skeleton does have a skull shaped similar to a blue-tonque skink (Genus: Tiliqua). The restoration undertaken by the species in bronze project, if accurate, gives a SENI value of .06 which would indicate that Didosaurus could have been fossorial or saxicolous in lifestyle. This is further linked by the fact that the closest living relative of Didosaurus (as mentioned by the restorers) is the Round Island Skink: Leiolopisma telfeirii (underlined). The Round Island Skink also gives a SENI value of .06. The Round Island Skink is a species capable of caudal autonomy. This skink is often seen darting in the underbrush or between rocks.

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