Cambrian Explosion

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Cambrian Explosion

Post by David George » Thu Aug 24, 2006 3:00 pm

Now cambrian explosion is a really interesting topic and one of the greatest enigmas to evolution but anyway I have somehow come to a conclusion that there are few reasons behind the explosion they are
Formation of Gondwana land
The formation of gondwana land made many species surviving in a islandic situation to evolve to a mainland situation but it was the islands that formed the mainlands hence the organisms could equally co exist rather than a situation in which the islandic species perish as described by my ownself before [] the species in the mainland are drived to evolve.And hence an increase in the complexcity of the organism.
Location of land
Many land masses got located along the equator and hence there was natural increase in rain and heat which suited many primitive species.The vegetation also increased the coral reefs increased and the temperature throught the cambrian was warm.Also as the climate was warmer the
Large Islands
Many Islands were quite large in the cambrian one might argue stating that large islands had more complex species but the larger islands were found more far from the equator hence probably the vegetation was less so was the wildlife.
Formation of multicelluar species in ediacaran period was enough to show that multicellular species had a primitive form before the cambrian.
The large amount of carbon di oxide also shows the heat produced was high and hence the oceans became warmer this meant that the organisms invading land from the ocean were quite resistant to heat and hence survived better.
I have posted two images for your reference one is a graph about the temperature and amout of Carbon di oxide from early times of earth and the other is the map of earth during Cambrian,Paleozoic,Ordovician.
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You can see which colour refers to which continent by this link.
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