BioInfoMan: The Sequence Analysis and Data Management System

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BioInfoMan: The Sequence Analysis and Data Management System

Post by monica » Wed Aug 23, 2006 10:41 pm

Here is the information I got from a promotion email sending to me. I tested it and it works pretty well. Hope it is helpful for other researchers.

BioInfoMan: reduces your time spent on molecular cloning and DNA/protein sequence analysis tasks by 80%


Using BioInfoMan from for Molecular Cloning
Comprehensive Tools with Maximal Process Automation, and Free !


Here we are introducing the completely redesigned BioInfoMan, the only web-based, complete molecular cloning and DNA/protein sequence analysis software suite. BioInfoMan has recently been heavily improved and many new features have been added. However, we have kept and enhanced these features:

truly web-based
maximal automation
integrated data management

BioInfoMan can be freely used at

Key Features:
Contains all common tools you will need in your daily work: search/retrieve sequences, editing/formatting sequences, translation and codon-optimized reverse translation, restriction enzyme site analysis, sequence alignment, cloning guides, gene synthesis, and a lot more.
Highly integrated: all analysis resources and results, public and local databases, and all available bioinformatics tools are seamlessly integrated.

Teamwork: All tools are group-based, making it a perfect system to share data among group members.

Maximal automation: Cloning wizard eliminates all impossible cloning sites, one-click to view the map and to get the virtually cloned construct designed with automatically designed PCR or gene synthesis primers.

Web-based secure access: BioInfoMan represents the only truly web-based sequence analysis and data management system on the market.

Unique Tools:

Easy-to-use (the easiest!) tool to search and retrieve molecule sequences from on-line databases such as GenBank.

Powerful and foolproof cloning guides: it also includes the fully optimized and automated gene synthetic cloning that is not available in any other commercial products.

One-click to design sequencing and PCR primers.

Rare codon analysis of a sequence of any species.

Codon-Optimized reverse translation

Complete restriction digestion analysis.

All types of protein and DNA sequence format conversion and manipulation: Users can do almost anything to manipulate the sequences, calculate the properties and so on.

"Smart" sequence alignment: auto-align reverse complementary sequences, highlight differences...

Auto-annotate constructs: this tool predicts all common features (e.g. promoters, ORFs, lacI, Amp, Rep origin ...) and converts your sequences to fully annotated GenBank format.

Save your data on-line for further studies!

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