51 evolution myths

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51 evolution myths

Post by kiekyon » Wed Aug 23, 2006 7:15 am

very funny.. must read

1) Evolution gives you what you need

2) We popped out of monkeys one day

3) The theory of evolution is tied to the big bang theory

4) The theory of evolution says random chemicals mysteriously made the first cell

5) Darwin took back his theory of evolution on his death bed (that's an urban myth created by Christians)

6) They eye accidentally formed itself somehow.

7.) That things evolve 'magically' without selection involved. It's just some slow process...At least this is what I believed as a kid!8.) That evolution equals eugenics.

9.) That it has a GOAL.

10.) That it can happen to anything, even watches and pottery.

11.) That it's a scientific conspiracy theory we believe in to battle Christianity.

12.) That evolution equals atheism.

13.) That there is an actual difference between micro and macro-evolution

14.) That it is a 'Random' process.

15.) That there are no transition fossils

16.) That humans evolved from the Apes that are around today.

17.) The second law of thermodynamics makes evolution impossible.

18) If evolution is true, how come there are still monkeys?

19) Evolution requires faith.

20) Survival of the fittest means organisms should go kill off weaker members of its species to make survival easier for the stronger members.

21) Physical changes that occur during the lifetime of an organism will be passed on the offspring.

22) Survival of the fittest is circular logic.

23) Only the fittest survive. (In actuality, if an organism can barely get by then it classified into the "fit" category).

24) Kent Hovind is an expert in the fields of evolution, biology, and other sciences.

25) Organisms evolve/mutate during their lifetime if a new selection pressure exerts itself.

26) Evolution caused slavery.

27) Many scientists are now casting doubt on Darwin's theory.

28) Charles Darwin is Satan.

29) Evolution can't exist because of irreducible complexity.

30) Evolution is JUST a theory.

31) God made evolution so he could trick as many scientists as he could into believing it, instead of him, just so he could light them on fire for all eternity. But he still loves them.

32) Man and dinosaurs existed at the same time. T-Rex used to be a vegetarian

33) 'Darwinists' claim that any criticism of the theory of evolution is unscientific

34) Evolution is effectively refuted by 'the Cambrian Explosion'

35) Scientists "believe" in evolution.

36) There is great strife in the scientific community over evolution.

37) Kent Hovind is a brilliant man!

38) Evolution can't explain love.

39) If evolution is true, why are there homosexuals?

40) There are no transitional forms: One species gives birth to another! Through magic!

41) If you believe in evolution, then that means you think it's okay to kill, rape, and steal

42) Evolution is not testable or empirical, therefore it is not science.

43) No Darwin, then no Hitler

44) The perfect match between bees and flowers must be a designer because it can't be evolution.Evolution has to do with survival from predators, not how well you can carry pollen.

45) Mutations are never beneficial

46) There is limits to biological change: new kinds never arise

47) Vertebrate embryos never resemble each other

48) Evolution must be wrong because gravity pulls things down right, but that clearly doesn't happen because birds can stay up in the air.

49) Oh you evolutionists make me laugh, it was God who created the world. It says so in the bible and the bible says its true, so IT IS TRUE!!!

50) Evolution was responsible for the Columbine high school shooting

51. Evolution can never be proven because we didn't see it occur.

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Post by alextemplet » Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:12 pm

I was once having a debate with an evangelical (How I despise their kind!) about the genetic causes of homosexuality, and his refutation to one of my points was to change the subject by shouting "Evolution is the work of the devil!" He didn't even bother to make a sound transition from one subject to another; he just out of the blue started a whole new debate. I still haven't been able to figure that out.
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