how to prepare...

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how to prepare...

Post by kabuto » Mon Aug 21, 2006 1:34 pm

how to prepare

a)100ml of 2M glucose solution(glucose molecular weight=180)
b)20ml 10% SDS

is it
for a),
get 36g of glucose, dissolve in water, top it up to 100ml

no idea???

pls help..

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Post by LilKim » Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:10 pm

A is correct

B. If you are starting with a 100% (or any SDS solution that is greater than 10%) SDS solution. You can use the (c1)(v1)=(c2)(v2) to figure this out.

c1= 100% (the concentration of the initial SDS solution)
v1= x
c2= 10% (the desired final concentration)
v2= 20ml (the desired total volume)

Solve for v1 (x)... and when you get that value, dilute it in water to TOTAL volume of 20ml.

You can also think of a 10 percent solution as 1 part solute + 9 parts solvent. Therefore: if you needed to make a 100ml 10% SDS solution you would add 1 part SDS for every 9parts of water. So you'd end up adding 10parts SDS and 90parts water (ie 10grams/mLs SDS + 90grams/mLs H2O)

hope this helps!

- kim

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