Europe’s Obstructionist Laws on GM Food Hurts Africa

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Europe’s Obstructionist Laws on GM Food Hurts Africa

Post by gmofoodforthought » Thu Aug 17, 2006 7:16 pm

Melbourne, Australia, two weeks ago, hosted a major conference on agricultural biotechnology. There were delegates from all over the world.

Perhaps, the one delegate who caught my eye was Professor Jenifer Thomson of South Africa. I have just been reading a post on Prof. Thomson’s speech in Gmo Food For Thought Blog ( ... e.htm#more).

Prof Thomson chairs the prestigious the Kenyan-based African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF). She is an expert in agricultural biotechnology.

In her address, she railed at European countries for their obstructionist behavior with regard to genetically modified food. Prof Thomson criticized European countries for enacting policies that have effectively made it difficult for African countries to cultivate genetically modified crops. For example, there is a policy that bars beef products from livestock that have been fed on genetically modified crops.

Europe being Africa’s main beef products market, no country would dare touch genetically modified crops. While this happens, Europe, itself, is busy selectively admitting genetically modified crops.

As Prof. Thomson puts it, the rules of the game must change now. Europe should discard laws that prevent African countries from experimenting on genetically modified crops. This is the best way to wean Africa from relief food syndrome.

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Pardon, but

Post by goldengrain » Sat Aug 19, 2006 3:11 pm

Why did Africa decide to go this way in the first place, knowing that their largest market would dry up?

Just seems like a case of dumb planning so far.

Maybe they should sell it here, to George Bush's America. We hardly inspect our livestock for mad cow. By the time the population gets the disease it will be a new business opportunity for the drug manufacturers - a real win/win for business, eh?

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