Morgellons Photos at 5600x Your input welcome

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Morgellons Photos at 5600x Your input welcome

Post by Greema » Mon Aug 14, 2006 7:32 pm

Hello to all,

I know that this board has been innundated with many posts about Morgellons Disease. For some of you this may be viewed of as an annoyance by a bunch of people who may or may not me delusional.

I have not been among the horde of posters on this subject. I have been working on this very real disease and doing research.

In conjunction with Clifford Carnicom an effort has been made to view and photograph the fibers of this disease at high magnification since this was neglectfully never done by anyone in the medical community or any health agencies.

The resulting photos clearly show structures that are novel and appear to
have the ability to bud and reproduce.

Any input from readers of this chatboard about the nature of these photos
would be welcome. If anyone here has the expertise to see any similarities in anything else you have studied we woulld welcome the input.

View photos and article at :
In addition to the carnicom article more photos of my work and research are available at and

Thank You

Greema - Jan Smith

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