Chemicals influencing transcription rate

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Chemicals influencing transcription rate

Post by neon » Tue Jul 11, 2006 9:13 am


I am trying to determine the factors influencing transcription rate (primarily in prokaryotes). To be more precise, I am looking to discover factors affecting protein production, so any factors influencing transcription, translation and PTM etc. are important.

Something I am particularly keen to ascertain, is whether particular chemical concentrations are influential during transcription, translation etc. Does the concentration of (recently) synethesised proteins influence transcription?
I believe that excessive levels of phosphor within the nucleus cause the open complex to close - so presumably phosphor concentration is one of the factors I wish to determine.
Am I correct here, or way off target?

The reason I ask this, is that I am building an [abstract] model of bacteria, for which the details of protein producation are of paramount importance. I assume there is an influence of many things on the rate of transcription (nuclease concentration etc.). The model is based on the operon, thus genetic regulation is inherent from the interaction of transcription factors but I am wondering what other factors to include.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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Post by seaseasea » Wed Jul 12, 2006 7:23 am

Hello neon,
After looking message above,I feel the works you will do would be complicated.First of all,there are lots of factors affecting transcription rate and more factors affecting protein production.Secondly,every protein is sepcial.Factors affecting one protein production significantly is different from factors which is important to another protein production.In other words,we should make a optimization for every protein.Thirdly,you could enhance the production of your protein by lots of molecular biology methods,such as:optimizing promoter,SD,start codon,distance between SD and ATG,terminator,translation signal and kockouting proteinase of host cell and so on.The components of media must be important to the production level,but the effects of lots of chemicals(not inducers) are not important.
Recently,I am working on constructing a host(Bacillus subtilis) to produce heterologous proteins at high level secretion production by engineering its secretion pathway through introducing a heterologous pathway and protein engineering.The highest aim is that the host i constructed could effectively secrete heterologous genes from different sources at high level,but this is hard.The host i construced may be suitabe for only one or two genes.So every protein is special.
Hope this helps!
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