the fibres in papaya what is it called


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the fibres in papaya what is it called

Post by bouncy_caramel » Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:29 pm

hello there
I was wondering if any one can help me with my internal assesment . i'm doing an investigation upon preserved fruit , papayas to be exact . one of my investigation includes a microscopic observation before and after the preservation period. During the observation I found that in between the papaya cells there are these long threads with lots of little orange dots within it . does anybody know what it is called ? because i dont have a clue
does any body know what happens to the cells of fruits when it is preserved in oil- or what generally happens during oil preservation

my microscopi drawings are attached ,so you can get a clear idea of what im talking about . sorry if the drawing is awfull because im not really good at it ><
thank u for replying !!
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