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What to study...

Post by Xionor » Sat Jul 01, 2006 10:37 pm

I've looked through a ton of career outlooks, decriptions, etc, and there's so much information which I think I'd never be able to assimilate, if I started to explore every single piece of it.
So, I decided it's better to ask someone experienced in the field, and what better place than this, I asked myself.

Being at the end of my high-school education, I got very much into wondering, what am I going to study at college/uni.
Basically, my question is as follows.
If I'm interested in studying and reasearching how and where the brain stores memory and consciousness; how they "work" and how to transport, replicate or create them , what do I have to study?

And if you are able to answer that question, I'd also be very eager to hear some opinions on a similiar matter. Which educational facility , do you think has the potential to give me the best possible knowledge and practice , in the field of my interest?(Regardless of cost,location,acceptance difficulty.)

And on an off-topic question, is it possible...well , is it *humanly* possible to study 2 majors at once , like Physics and Biology?

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