unindentified seeds from Northern Laos forests


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unindentified seeds from Northern Laos forests

Post by kedsana » Sat Jun 17, 2006 10:05 am

Hi, during 2003-2004, i was working in Laos for first survey trips. the forests over there have really got me addicted also i've studied Laos' biogeography and botany by myself. During a year, i've collected about 10kg of several different seeds; most of them have been identified and the really important ones have been given to the Lao Tree Seed Project so as to be germinated and cultivated, the aim being the protection of this incredible heritage.
other seeds have not got the chance to be identified yet; they must be known already but i think i have a specie which may have not been discovered and named yet.
If someone is interested in giving me the names of the seeds that can identified, i would be glad for this help and to know finally.
the second favorite one, it comes from the northernmost part of Laos and was found at both elevations of 800m asl and 1800m asl.
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redshell seed.JPG
i'm not sure i identified these correctly...
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neigu Akha.JPG
my favorite ones, really weird. They come from the northern mountains of Laos, a particular ethnic minority gave me the chance to discover these seeds. maybe undiscovered...
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Post by Linn » Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:03 pm

I am a bit confused. if you "picked them up"

where did you pick them up from? :?
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