genetically engineered fruit

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genetically engineered fruit

Post by pooja » Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:50 am

hi everyone,
i want to know if genetically engineered chillies or capsicum hav been developed... n is it possible to mutate green chillies into red ones through genetic engineering...

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Inland Taipan
Inland Taipan
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Post by MrMistery » Thu Jun 08, 2006 6:23 pm

I don't know about your first question.
On the second, no. You can mutate something on command. You might be able to transfer the gene for red color from the red one to the green one, although it isn't easy, but that is not mutation, it is genetic engeneering.
Another method would be by growing a lot of chillies for a long time and if one happens to mutate to have a red color you keep it by artificial selection
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David George
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Post by David George » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:21 pm

I don't think that green chillies can be converted into red ones that easily may we can change he colur but the oher feaures?It is like changing polar bear into a black bear.I don't think it is possible practically up to date.
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