maybe a new discovery...


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maybe a new discovery...

Post by Mo200 » Tue Jun 06, 2006 1:36 pm

i was sitting at my desk when i noticed a spider on my leg...after shaking it off it flew for a few seconds... puzzled, i took a closer look... it is a fly with what looks like the legs of a spider... i have it under a glass at the moment and i am trying to get hold of a camera... do i need to bother with taking a pic or should i not?... and if it is a new species... who shall i contact?



if you can, please please please email me... [email protected]

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Post by far-out » Tue Jun 06, 2006 5:33 pm

You'd better post a pic. Suppose it is something new. Anything is possible.
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Post by AstusAleator » Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:16 am

Does it have eight legs? It might be a mutant... In which case you should take some detailed pictures and then let it go and see if it makes a new population of 8 legged flies :).
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