extracellular chemical effects on DNA to Protein processes

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extracellular chemical effects on DNA to Protein processes

Post by neon » Mon May 22, 2006 11:38 am

Dear Biological folk,

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but your insight would be *really* appreciated...

I am looking at the process of protein generation from DNA (presumably transcription, translation, folding, PTM...) with major emphasis of the control/regulation aspects - plenty of info on transcription factors, GRNs etc (this is all good), but.... Someone has suggested that the extracellular environment is very important in regard particularly to interference with the process. More specifically, the densities of particular chemicals which influence the 'unzipping' and movement of RNAp along the DNA - I think they suggested that if a particular chemical was imbalanced, then the strands of DNA would 'zip back up' , ?or travel in the reverse direction?? - Is this the case?
Are there chemicals which, present in the extracellular environment might cause changes at any other point in transcription, e.g. might dissrupt protein folding? I know that other environmental factors such as temperature have an influence (heat shock response etc. very interesting). I guess what I am asking, is: "Are there chemical analogies of the heat shock response"? Also, are there chemicals in the extracellular environment which are *required* for the process? (GTP?? Someone suggested the prhase 'polymerase soup'?)

Well, I hope that makes some sense to you -If you can think of any places where this kind of thing might be documented, I will reward you with a lifetimes love (unless you are male, in which case you will be rewarded with a manly slap on the back...)

Thanks very much in advance

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Post by 2810712 » Fri May 26, 2006 5:19 am

I'm just very junior, what i can imagine is-
things may affect- pH [affect zip-unzip behavior]
-k [ dielectrick] slightly changes
- Energy availibility [ things like GTP & other chemical involved in delta G providing reactions & thus local temperature changing chemicals?

Extracellular things affecting just extracellular pH & k & all , may inturn affect inracellular because cell has to have dealing with the extracellular. change in intracell pH due to extracellular changes may require more energy supply for maintainance of pH.
Thigns affecting intracellular conc.s can directly affect all the dogma. Might be some things affecting any protein folding will be affecting something which is common to all protein folding processes. Now waht & how they affect depends upon what is the anomaly observed.
Enzymes are specific for direction of movement normally...may be some very rare shape change make it go reverse...very less probable i think.

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