Sanger's Chain Termination (dideoxy) Method

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Sanger's Chain Termination (dideoxy) Method

Post by CPScholar » Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:39 pm

Any idea what the costs associated with the chain-termination method are? (how much would it cost to sequence a genome with this method)

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Post by canalon » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:46 am

Basically this is still this method that is used in automated sequencers, except that for commodity they use 4 different fluorescent dyes instead of just radioactively marked ddNTPs.
For the classical method, the cost of gels are probably lower than the capilaries used in automated sequencers. And you don"t need the expensive sequencers themselves, just a waterbath or a dry bath. But radioactivity is expensive, and mostly the price will come from the labour involved. Yet some sequencing centers were still using that technologies a few years ago (using student as cheap labour to prepare and load the gels).

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