body cavities


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body cavities

Post by hiro » Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:53 pm

i wonder the 3 types of body cavity...
i thought they r acoelomate, pseudocoel n eucoel...
but the lecturer said (maybe he hopes we can ans these): pseudocoel, achizocoel and enterocoel

but how these 3 types develop embroyoligically, n the similarities and differences??

i guess i mixed up with protostome and deuterostome...


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Post by Darby » Mon Apr 24, 2006 4:19 pm

Your lecturer has ignored acoelomate (which, since there's no cavities, is a valid thing to ignore) and split the coelomates along your protostome-deuterostome line, based on how the mesoderm forms. So you may not be as confused as you thought you were.

As a true indicator of groupings, only the last two are any use. The pseudocoelomates are a bunch of different types lumped together on a fairly archaic basis.

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