RNA Gel Electrophoresis

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RNA Gel Electrophoresis

Post by ilse » Sat Apr 15, 2006 7:45 pm


I have a question related to RNA Gel Electrophoresis:
After RNA preparation of trichostrongyle nematodes, I load 200 ng of the RNA on an agarose gel.
I use the 0.24–9.5 Kb RNA Ladder from Invitrogen.
I see 4 bands on the gel: a bright one on +/- 2500 bp (28S), another bright one on +/- 1500 bp (18S), a weak one on +/- 150 bp (is this 5S RNA??) and very weak: +/- 4500 bp (what is this???)

When I look for the length of 28S on the internet, I find that 28S is +/- 4500 bp long. Is this only in mammals?

Can anyone help me?

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