metabolisme questions

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metabolisme questions

Post by kabuto » Fri Apr 14, 2006 4:53 am

11. Choose the correct statement regarding beta-oxidation of fatty acid.

A. occur in cytosol
B. carbon atom is displaced one by one from the acyl chain
C. NADP+ is the electron acceptor
D. 2 molecules of NADH is produced by each CoA
E. beta-oxidation of odd numbered carbon produce acetyl CoA

My answer: B

12. Which of the following is not oxidized by aerobic respiration to form ATP?

A. sucrose
B. lipid
C. nucleic acid
D. protein
E. glucose

My Answer: C

13. Protein tertiary structure is dependent on

A. peptide and hydrogen bond from polypeptide
B. solubility and length of polypeptide bond
C. hydrophobic, ionic, and disulfide bond from polypeptide
D. interaction from polypeptide in one multisubunit protein
E. amino acid sequence in polypeptide

My answer: A

14. Enzymes are

A. globular protein
B. conjugate protein
C. conjugate and globular protein
D. globular protein and several types of RNA
E. dissolved protein

My answer: A

15. Choose the correct statement

A. 6 molecules of CO2 contain more energy than 2 molecules of pyruvate
B. pyruvate contains more energy than lactate
C. 2 molecules of pyruvate contain more energy than 1 molecule of glucose
D. pyruvate is the more oxidized than CO2
E. pyruvate is more reduced than glucose

My answer: B

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