A2 Planning Coursework - Distribution of 2 plant species


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A2 Planning Coursework - Distribution of 2 plant species

Post by Damdam » Thu Apr 06, 2006 11:00 am

Hey people,

I'm looking for some secondary sources (preferably results) of investigations similar to my own... my teach said I need to use another source in my preliminaries and analyse their results (as we're not actually doing the practical, it's a planning coursework, I have no prelims of my own).

My exact investigation aim is "To discover if the distribution and abundance of Ranunculus repens* and Ranunculus bulbosus* in a dry soil environment, and to discover if this is affected by the water content of the soil."

*these are types of buttercups

If anyone can help out, or if you know any good sites please tell me! I really can't find anything on google that's free (you have to pay to look at that 'coursework bank' stuff). Cheers

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Post by Linn » Fri Apr 07, 2006 12:01 am

How are you setting up this experiment?
Do you have those two plants in your posession
and are you growing them in wet soil to see
if they can adapt? Or are you just looking for info?
here isn article on the physiological changes of plants to climate change (adobe reader):

http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w- ... apter3.pdf

I am only familiar with R. aeris, bulbosus,ficaria,septentrionalis
septentrionalis likes swamps, ficaria cn tolerate wet conditions, but the other two are field plants. (dryer conditions)
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