chek my work please!!!

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chek my work please!!!

Post by kathys » Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:04 pm

3. If a pregnant woman failed to produce oxytocin, what would be the result?

A. urination would be more difficult
B. ADH levels in the bloodstream would drop
C. Uterine contraction would not begin for labour
D. Oxytocin levels would increase in the bloodstream

My answer: C

4. Which of the following must occur in order for the elongation of the polypeptide to continue?

A. Translocation of the last t-RNA to the P site
B. Formation of a peptide bond between the last two amino acids
C. Appropriate base pairing of the next t-RNA
D. Movement of the ribosome one place to the right

My answer: D

5. All m-RNA begins with the codon AUG which is known as the

A. inhibitor
B. starter
C. initiator
D. sensor

My answer: C

6. Of the following pairs which are the purines?

A. adenine- thymine
B. thymine- guanine
C. adenine-guanine
D. cytosine-adenine

My answer: C

7. The "one gene one protein " theory can be explained by how genes

A. determine polypeptide chains
B. interact with proteins in the chromosomes
C. assort independently during meiosis
D. replicate before the beginning mitosis

My answer: A

8. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning t-RNA?

A. it weighs more than m-RNA
B. At least one form exists for each amino acid
C. One type is capable of combining with all forms of amino acids
E. it is an enzyme needed to form proteins

My answer: E

Questions 9-10 refer to information in the table of codons in the data pages.

9. A single substitution in the third position would have the greatest probability of mutational effect on the codon


My answer: B

10. Which amino has the greatest number of codons?

A. Leucine (leu)
B. Proline (pro)
C. Tryptophan (trp)
D. Glutamic acid (glu)

My answer: A

12. A certain gene along DNA has the nucleotide base sequence AAATTTGGGCCC. What will be the resulting nucleotide sequence of the messenger RNA formed during decoding of this gene?


My answer: D

13. A certain length of one strand of DNA has the genetic nucleotide sequence ATAGCG. What is the nucleotide sequence along the complimentary strand of DNA on the opposite strand?


My answer: B

16. Refer to the genetic code to answer this question. A protein contains the amino acid sequence of valine-alanine-glycine-arginine within its structure. The base sequence in the DNA that would encode for this amino acid sequence could be

My answer: A

17. The ribosome consists of

My answer:
two subunits, one large and one small

18. What is a codon?

A. It is a code for a protein.
B. It represents a nucleotide.
C. It is a code for one amino acid.
D. It is a nucleotide with three bases.

My answer: D

21. Two breakpoints in a chromosome at different positions could result in which of the following chromosomal mutations?

A. deletion and inversion
B. deletion and duplication
C. duplication and inversion
D. duplication and translation

My answer: B

22. A mutagen is an agent which changes the structure of

My answer: D

23. Mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA both code for the formation of proteins.
Which of the following statements about protein synthesis is true?

A. An mRNA anticodon binds with an amino acid codon, which results in the
placement of a specific tRNA molecule in the polypeptide chain.
B. An mRNA anticodon binds with a tRNA codon, which results in the
placement of a specific polypeptide molecule in the amino acid chain.
C. A tRNA anticodon binds with an mRNA codon, which results in the
placement of a specific amino acid molecule in the polypeptide chain.
D. A tRNA anticodon binds with a polypeptide codon, which results in the
placement of a specific mRNA molecule in the amino acid chain.

My Answer: C

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Post by b_d_41501 » Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:15 pm

I thought we weren't supposed to do homework for ppl on here??
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Post by alextemplet » Mon Apr 03, 2006 11:19 pm

I think we might be able to make an exception here since s/he actually did the work him/herself first and than asked for verification, rather than not doing the work just asking us for an answer outright. I'm not really sure but I have to say it is quite refreshing to see someone who's actually willing to put forth some effort
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Post by canalon » Tue Apr 04, 2006 1:17 am

oo need to do exception, our rule always was that we offer people to check or explain if they have done their research before coming here.

So I read the message, and I can say for sure that 8 and 18 are wrong.

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Post by MrMistery » Fri Apr 07, 2006 7:16 pm

I think 5B also...
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