Maximal 'minima'!

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Maximal 'minima'!

Post by 2810712 » Sat Apr 01, 2006 3:14 pm

A species at a time has some set of chara. all are changing w.r.t. time...then which [ 1 or more] would change depends upon availability and the envoronment and deadline before which it is to be changed...
Now gvn that a chara is to change ... how would it change...
eg. [ chara. hearing ability] no ability - to - getting able to , for defined range...
With the gvn set of not-much-changing other characters u have minimum defined range... and if u get more its okay!
THEN WHY MAXIMUM NATURAL SYSTEMS SHOW JUST THE MIN. range or degree of some chara. or get that chara.s destroyed after they become 'extra' to the organism? [ i.e. why do we see maximal minima? ]
eg. codon of 3Nbs & not more...
I think to have the extraa abiliTs u need to spend energy for three possible things-
production of accessories [ eg. ear] - keeping it alive {'K'nergy]PHYSIology [ daily functioning and maintainance of it ]

-The energy is metabolism...u need ATPs , even if ur accessories are non-living and don't need Accessorial energy [ 'A'nergy] and have no may need the ORGANISM TO SPEND some energy to function...
If ur chara. needs no NEW 'A'nergy [ no new energy expenditure... ] as it uses some already accesorries already present in the body or in the
environment...and thus needs no NEW 'K'nergy........ afterall its final functioning maybe requiring the energy...

ANd if the extraaa chara. is taking some energy ammount then at times it will cause less energy availability and IF some mutant choises with just the sufficient chara. and negligible other energy-requirement diff. , it will be at advantage and get naturally selected!!!

ANd presence of such 'just sufficient' chara. implies the availability of such a doesn't comment about presence or absence of extra or insufficient chara in the population before the just sufficient chara is naturally selected.

What are the chances of coexistance of the extra and just sufficient?
How is it possible to have such a mutants in case of MOST chara... may need many protein sequence changes for just a small range shift or extension or contraction for example] ...
What does this tell us about mutation freuencies...


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