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Post by VeenaandNivyah » Thu Mar 30, 2006 10:40 am

When a person suffers from paralysis of a certain part of the body... can it be cured by intake of medicine??? I mean, is it even curable???

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Post by Cilla » Thu Mar 30, 2006 5:41 pm

It all depends on what is causing the paralysis, and what part of the body is affected.
Some chemical causes include drugs based on curare, (the substance used on arrow tips in fights between cowboys and indians). This causes paralysis of the muscles needed for respiration. if artificial respiration were applied until the victim metabolised the drug, they would survive.
A drug that paralyses all of the muscles, including those required for breathing, is used in electroconvulsive therapy, (E.C.T.), and this is administered intravenously after the intravenous anaesthetic agent. The anaesthetist can then assist the person to breathe artificially after the treatment has been administered until the person can do so unaided.
Damage to the central nervous system can result in paralysis of the parts of the body innervated by wherever the lesion occurs, e.g. at a certain level in the spinal cord.
The higher the level, and the more complete the lesion, the more dreadful usually are the sequelae.
E.g., Chris Reeves had a high cervical fracture. If the spinal cord is cut at a high level within the cervical spine, the person becomes quadroplegic, and, if at high enough a level, they also cannot ever breathe unaided. Chris lived in hope that stem cell research might eventually bring a cure for such dreadful injuries.

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