I have BIO midterm tomorrow. Please hELp ME!!! THANKS!!!!

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I have BIO midterm tomorrow. Please hELp ME!!! THANKS!!!!

Post by binoo » Mon Mar 20, 2006 10:12 pm

My proffessor had passed out the study sheet and I am quite confused on some of the questions? Please help me. I have an exam tomorrow.

1. Do all membranes in the cell have basically the same chemical makeup?

2. What are some differences between plant and animal cells?
Other than animal cells do not have cell wall but plant cells do, what other difference are there?

One more thing. I am reading the chapters for tomorrow's exam and I found out that some of the stuff on the text are somewhat opposite from what I had written down during the lecture. Who's right? The text??? Or the proffessor??? For your inrormation, I copied what was written on the board thoroughly.

1. Endoplasmic Reticulum
LECTURE NOTE: Lipids sythesis, packaging proteins
TEXT: Proteins synthesis, Modification of proteins

2. Golgi Body
LECTURE NOTE: Modification of proteins
TEXT: Packaging proteins and lipids

It seems like my proffesor had written down incorrectly. What do you think? But odd thing is that she had explained how she had written down on the board. Weird, huh? Anyone know the correct function for the Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Body?

This is my first biology class since the college.
Please HELP ME!!! :lol:
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Post by LilKim » Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:51 pm

Hey Binno,

To give you a hint on the membrane structure (question 1)
- membranes are composed primarily of lipids (ie. phospholipids), protiens and cholesterols. However, different membranes are composed of different "amounts" of each. (.. off the top of my head... I cannot recall the difference between cell membranve. Vs. Endoplasmic reticulm Vs. Nuclear envelope but they're all somewhat different).

Another hint about the difference between plant/animal cells ..
- Think about the mechanisms by which they create energy ..?? ;-)

When I was in undergrad and I felt as if there were a discrepancy between the book and the professor ... I ALWAYS sided with the BOOK. Simply based on 2 reasons .. The professor assigned the book to you AND if you write the answer from the book on your exam and you lose points ... 99% of the time you can go to your professor, with you book in hand and point out where you got your answer!!! (And MOST of the time they'll be understanding!)

As far as your ER/Golgi questions

ER: The ER is involved in lipid synthesis. However, ribosomes"sit" on the ER while synthesizing and "injecting" protiens into the lumen of ER ... at which point the newly synthesized proteins are modified and packaged. (So, technically speaking ribosomes synthesize proteins)

Golgi: Some of these protiens travel from the ER (via. vesicles) to the golgi and undergo further modifications and packaging... last theyy travel to their final destination (ie. to the cell membrane or exocytosed or sent to other cellular compartments/organelles. )

hope this helped a little...

good luck!

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