affect of anti-wrinkling creams?

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affect of anti-wrinkling creams?

Post by Mooks » Mon Mar 20, 2006 4:45 am

what effect does anti-wrinkling creams have on your skin in the LONG-TERM?

the reason why i ask is because im only 19 but have started using anti-wrinkling cream to treat my skin as i have ACNE. Since using the cream my skin feels so much better and appears healthier and for once my face is Pimple-free ... ive tried ALOT of different pimple treatment creams but none have worked as good as the anti-wrinkling cream i am using now.

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Post by cardiorrhexis » Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:02 am

Well, what type of anti-wrinkle cream are you talking about?

It sounds like you're using Retin-A or some other Vitamin A overdose type cream.
There are collagen, alphahydroxy, antioxidant, tretinoins, peptides, zinc oxide, titanium, vitamin C, aloe vera, alpha lipoic acid and eons and eons of types of creams.

I guess the long term effects really depends the type of cream.

Do I look 31? If not, I'll tell you the type of cream I've been using since I tuned a quarter of a century old. :wink:


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