How might we be able to increase plant production?...


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How might we be able to increase plant production?...

Post by mariposa » Fri Feb 17, 2006 11:22 pm

in plants it is possible that the cyclic electron pathway is only used when co2 is limited, so how might we be able to increase plant production????

1- add water
2- add oxygen in an airtight greenhouse
3- add photosynthetic bacteria
4- increase sunlight

And i been having problems getting the correct option in this one:,

biologists are certain that oxygen was built up in the atmosphere by the invention of photosynthesis.The appereance of oxygen and therefore the beginning of extensive aerobic life was made possible by the appereance of:

1- fermentation
2- photosystem I
3- photosystem II
4- glycolisis
5- the nucleos

NEED SOME HELP :shock: :?:

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Post by mith » Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:41 am

Which process produced oxygen(water splitting)?
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