Seeding of cells for transfection

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Seeding of cells for transfection

Post by summer » Thu Mar 17, 2005 11:47 am

Is my protocol wrong or right?

1. Dilute your cells to give 13ml cell suspension containing 130000cells/ml.

2. Add 2ml medium to each well in two 6-well plates.

3. Seed out 1.3x10^5 cells in each well of the 6-well plates.

What does it mean with step 3? Does it mean that the final concentration in each well will be 130000cells/ml after step 3 ? Or does it mean that i just add 1ml of step 1 solution into each well in step 3 and in this case the concentration won't be 130000cells/ml, since we already have 2ml from step 2.

Any ideas?


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