N.B., simply because it is used rather frequently here....

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N.B., simply because it is used rather frequently here....

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Nota Bene
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Nota Bene is a Latin phrase meaning "Note Well," coming from notâre -- to note. It is in the singular imperative mood, instructing one individual to note well the matter at hand. (The plural is notate bene)

It is often written in the acronymous form: N.B.

'Nota Bene' is also the name of a suite of word-processing and related software, derived from XyWrite. It is marketed especially for scholarly (e.g. multilingual) purposes.

I just wanted to clarify this for myself, and the rest of you non latin trained out here, fancy language, though impressive - is not always helpfull, most of us are not lawyers, or classical scholoars, just thought it might be usefull to clarify, if only for my own sake - and thought i'd add it for the rest who might find it usefull.


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