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Post by Host » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:23 pm

Some ques. that i cant answ with my Biol book, any help??? If u dont know'em all anws. the ones u know... thanks (can u believe this is for highschool?)

1.N subscript 2 (N, little 2)
what type of bonds hold the 2 atoms together???
polar covalent,non polar covalent, ionic, hydrogen, or nitrgoen bonds?

2.What describes the energy association between the two atoms
-one atom loses an electron to other, so electrical attraction results
- three total electrons are shared in the bonds
- one pair of electrons is shared
- two pairs of electrons are shared
- three pairs of electrons are shared

3. Which of the follwoing represents the greatest amount of heat energy
-1 Calorie
-10 kilocalories
- 1000 calories
- 100 oC (100 degrees C)

5. Whuch would contain the greatest amount of heat energy
- mole of fat
-mole of sugar
-mole of protein
-gram of fat
-10 grams of sugar

6. With regard to hydrogen bonds, which doesnt fit
- nitrogen
-all fit

7. A water strider is an insect that is capable of walking on water by taking advantage of the surface tension of water. Which of the follwoing physical properties of water is responsible for this phenomenon
- specific heat
- solubility

8. A covalently bound molecule that contains polar covalent bonds would have which of the following proerties
-hydrophilic, doesnt disslove in water
-hydrophilic,dissloves in water
-hydrophobic,doesnt dissolve in water
-hydrophobic,dissolves in water

9. A solution of pH 6 is ____ than a solution of pH 4
-2x more acidic
-2x less acidic
-20x less acidic
-100x more acidic
-100x less acidic

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Post by Bauer » Mon Jan 30, 2006 11:58 pm

1. Non polar covalent
2. Shares 3 pairs
6. carbon
7. ......H - bonds?
8. hydrophillic - dissolves
9. 100x less

...the energy questions need to be more specific for correct answers

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Post by Host » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:57 am

any rebuttles, any 3,5, 6???

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