need identification of insect/parasite


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the insect parasite under the skin of you and the dog

Post by aladixiedarling » Sun Sep 24, 2006 10:25 pm

To the person trying to identify the strange insect parasite under the skin that the dog also had.

Unfortunately I do not know the technical name of the insect but it is common in central america.

I cannot remember the common name, in Alabama we called them "wolves" and why I don't know, maybe because of the black hairy look the larvae has.

Where does it come from? A fly lands on the skin of human or animal and deposits an egg in the skin. A larvae begins to grow and it has spines on it to help it turn and burrow around in the little hole it lives in until it matures. You may notice bubbles when the larve comes to the tiny hole in your skin to breathe air. It cannot get oxygen from under the skin. You can feel the larvae turning under the skin, it pricks, it itches and you will think you are imagining it because it doesn't move all the time but there is a tiny hole, like a pin stick on your skin or the animals skin.

Once it matures it will actually exit the hole and fly away. We had an entomologist at a college in Honduras let one grow under his skin to learn how it felt and how the larve behaved.

You can go to the doctor and the doctor can make a tiny slit in your skin and remove it unless it is large enough that it sticks out enough of its body to be pulled by twissors to get it out.

I had one removed from my dog. I'm sorry I cannot tell you the name of the insect.


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Post by sexybluechic » Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:46 pm

Can someone describe what it looks like I belive me and my animals may have it aswell.It never really bothered me too much but this time it's getting out of hand and we are getting alot of sores that hurt.


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Post by Linn » Fri Dec 15, 2006 3:47 am


also read the post above yours.

I have not yet found the exact species or even genus.
However it appears to be a fluke.
Send me a personal message so we can compare descriptions
and I may be able to help you as I have completely erradicated it.

If you are really interested.

PS: Do you live near a pond or lake?
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