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Post by HowieJ » Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:09 pm

For those of you who didn't know that the seahorse male does give
birth to live babies - viviparity - don't feel bad.

I had to do a presentation and a paper for yesterday, and I chose
the topic of the seahorse brood pouch and male pregnancy (and that
was in my title). I thought my presentation was ok, a little nervous
but at the questions time, one guy raises his hand and says
"so the male doesn't really get pregnant does he?"

I wanted to bang my head against the wall. This is Animal Physiology,
senior level biology college course....
Ah well.

Anyway - what I was really curious about is what is your take on it
Dr. Stein? Are you going to suggest using seahorses for medicinal
purposes (since they already are exploited), are you unbiased, just merely
informing or are you going to take a conservational approach?

If the latter - check out ProjectSeahorse. I don't know much about it
accept that it researches seahorses and takes a conservational approach.

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