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Post by Springer » Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:48 pm

MrMistery wrote:sure it has. I respect your choise to belief in creationism either than evolution since it your choise to make. However, in this particular matter, evolution also explains a smiliar thing. The basic idea of natural selection is that nature will always follow it's purpose, and that every organism has an "intrinsec purpose", so to speak, to adapt to it's environment and stay alive(no, this not lamarkism!)

You speak of natural selection as if it were a God. There is no evidence anywhere that natural selection is this all powerful force that can shape nature in the ways you suppose it has. This is pure imagination and conjecture.

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Post by MrMistery » Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:51 pm

Lol... It may sound that way but it was not intended that way. Natural selection as i see it means that each species will try to be perfectly adapted to the environment(of course this is not possible since the environment is not stagnant, it is always changing). If you think God does the same thing, i guess they resemble(from this point of view)
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Post by Poison » Mon Jan 23, 2006 7:13 pm

Springer, one topic for discussing intelligent design (or whatever you call that) is enough for this forum. Create an "Intelligent design" forum for yourself. And play there...
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