Double heterozygous cross HELP

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Double heterozygous cross HELP

Post by Suzie8 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:46 pm

I was wondering if any of you is familiar with the Cre lox method for knocking out the gene in the mice. I need to cross the parents and I would like what would be their progeny like, the possibilities. So I need to cross: female mouse 'Gene A' fl/+; 'Gene B' Cre/+ X male mouse 'Gene A' fl/+;Gene B Cre/+

would the progeny be:
25% Gene A fl/+
50% Gene A fl/+; Gene B Cre/+
25% Gene B Cre/+

or I need to do the 16 square Punnett for this dihybrid cross? if so what would be the possibilities? Thank you in advance

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