Question about hair color and tallness inheritance

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Question about hair color and tallness inheritance

Post by hitom » Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:58 pm

Hello there!

So i dont know much about genetics yet, but im very open minded about it. The situation is my father has dark brown hair and he had a wife back then and they made two children but they divorced. Both of the children have ginger hair. My mother has very dark brown hair and my sister has the very dark brown hair, i have a normal brown hair. My question is, am i a carrier of the ginger hair gene? Since my father has two children with ginger hair from an other relationship, then he must carry the ginger gene, so do i and my sister, i think. As far as i know, for having ginger hair offspring both of the parents must have the genes for the ginger hair, but im not sure if i know it right.

I dont know if it helps but here are the hair colors that i know of in my family:

Fathers side:
Grandmom: Blondish - brown hair
Grandfather: bald (lol), but possibly dark brown since my father went bald too but he had dark brown hair

Mothers side (my mother):
Grandmom: normal brown - dark brown
Grandfather: Normal brown (like mine)

My other question is about tallness, i have a friend, whose father is like 185cm (6feet) tall, and her mother is like the same or 187cm (6.1feet) tall. Now the funny thing is my friend is not 185cm tall, but he is 2 meters (6.6feet) its huge! How is it inherited? Is it the same as hair color, like recessive stuff?

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