Can anyone identify it ?

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Can anyone identify it ?

Post by sezuncam » Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:36 am

This picture was taken yesterday.These days many of those kind of mosquitos or kind of blowfly have invaded my home (walls and windows mainly)
I have added a picture taken by my phone.Can anybody give information about it?
PS: location : Istanbul/Turkey and avarage temp is around 25 Celcius (77 degrees Fahrenheit),Moisture is between 60% - 80% within day,and there are many kind of plant around my home.
Length of it is roughly 1 movement and any respond.
Please help me to identify their species? and dangerous?
Thanks all.
picture of them

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Re: Can anyone identify it ?

Post by Darby » Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:44 am

Looks like some type of mayfly.

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