questions on plant physiology/hormone functions


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questions on plant physiology/hormone functions

Post by shock_101 » Sun Jan 01, 2006 8:52 pm

i've been working on this take home test for a week now (ruining my holidays :evil: ) and there are a few questions i need some help with

1.) Which one of the following is typical of growth of animals but not of plants?

a.) cell growth is by increase in vacuole
b.) cell growth is by an increase in cytoplasm
c.) cell division and cell growth typically occur together
d.) growth continues throughout the life of the organism
e.) growth is by cell elongation

2.) plant hormones, in contrast to most animal hormones,

a.) always stimulate and never inhibit various processes
b.) are required in large amounts
c.) are not produced in specialized glands
d.) do not co-ordinate activities of the organism
e.) are pigmented green

3.) in an experiment, a transparent cap is placed on a grass shoot from which the apical meristem has been removed; also, and opaque cylinder is placed around the base. If the sun is positioned to the top right of the cap what would happen to the grass shoot?


| | | |
| | | | <--transparent cap
| | | |
||||||| <--- opaque cylinder at bottom

a.) slight movement of shoot towards sun
b.) pronounced movement of shoot toward sun
c.) slight movement of shoot away from sun
d.) pronounced movement of shoot away from sun
e.) no movement of shoot tward or away from sun

thanks for the help

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Post by ZakaSPFC » Mon Jan 02, 2006 2:22 am

the answer to number 2 is c
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