Trees and other garden quetions

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Trees and other garden quetions

Post by Marebear668 » Mon Dec 19, 2005 10:45 pm

1. When you make a graft on a tree, why is it essential for you to be sure that the cambium layer of the stock and that of the scion are in contact with each other?

2. What kind of graft would you use to save a fruit tree that has been completely girdled by a rabbit gnawing off a ring of bark?

3. What does hoeing the garden (or running a cultivator on a farm) do besides tearing out the weeds?

4. Would you cultivate more or less frequently than usual during very dry weather?

5. In the spring of the year maple trees are tapped for sap to make sugar. Why are they tapped in the spring rather than in the fall?

6. When you tap maple trees, should you cut through the bark and into the wood, or just partly through the bark? Why?

7. When you transplant flowers in the garden, why should you take the roots up with a ball of earth about them-rather than loosen the soil and pull the roots out?

8. Why is it occasionally a good thing for you to wash the leaves of your house plants?

9. What advantage is there in keeping water plants in a fish aquarium?

10. The cod and other fish caught on the Banks of Newfoundland are heavier (and the total catch is heavier) during sunny seasons than cloudy seasons. How do you account for this?

11. Potato beetles do not eat the tubers of the plant which man uses; they feed only on the leaves. Why take the trouble to poison the beetles then?

12. Why does the florist sprinkle water on the walls and walks in his greenhouse as well as on the soil and growing plants?

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Post by canalon » Mon Dec 19, 2005 11:26 pm

Did you think about searching the answers your self? Some have even been given on this forum not so long ago... Work for yourself.

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