Lab 1 - Taxonomy

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Lab 1 - Taxonomy

Post by Creative0316 » Mon Dec 19, 2005 9:42 pm

Group the shoes and construct an organizational chart of how the shoes could be organized for easy identification (Table 1.1). Start with large obvious differences and work down to less obvious, subtle differences. For simplicity, divide each level into only two categories.

Footwear Chat < my table
function type

Biologists have set up taxonomic organization for living species and have given each level a name. Use information from your footwear chart and assign criteria that might be applicable to each category (Table 1.2).

Table 1.2 Criteria
Kingdom- ?
Phylum- ?
Class- ?
Order- ?
Family- ?
Genus- ?
Species- ?

What is it asking for by criteria?
Thanks in Advance!

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