where can I learn synthetic biology?

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where can I learn synthetic biology?

Post by cipher0 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:28 pm

Hello everyone. I'm a programmer who has recently learned about synthetic biology and the similarities between cells and computers, DNA and computer code, etc. have gotten me extremely interested in this field. Sadly I didn't know about this field few years earlier and I'm 21 now, a little old to learn from university and not enough free time or money to go that route.
I thought I can at least study this field like I did programming from the first time many years ago: via internet. I have only basic biology knowledge from high school courses. I understand there's *a lot* to learn, but I'm ready to spend years to learn something, the same way I was when I learned about what you could do with programming when I was a kid.

I'm not sure where to start learning synth bio. With programming you just type it in Wikipedia, learn its history and usage, available programming languages and then search for ebooks, join and post in forums/Q&A style sites and subscribe to few newsletters for news in the field.

With synth bio, I've only been able to find books that talk about particular subject (no introduction), or books about the history and potential of the field.
I've found this site called "OpenWetWare" which seems to allow to join a course in some university in some town by registering in the site.
I've also heard about diy bio groups around the world.
I live in Armenia and there are sadly no such groups or courses here.

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