Does other animals have faster nerve speeds?

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Does other animals have faster nerve speeds?

Post by 1832vin » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:39 pm

i was thinking, though animals do not have a long chain of thought (ie, stimulus -> brain ->memory -> action); would they have faster nerves speeds or brain speeds,
if they had faster brains with low capacity; and if fast enough (relativity) then would they hear sound in a lower frequency? could it mean they can see light in a different colour?

my question is;
if the brain increased in speed, would everything looked like they was slowed down?
( and do we all (human) have uniform "processing" speeds?)

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Post by Babybel56 » Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:55 am

The speed of nerve transmission depends on the size of the nerve axon, the length of it and whether it is effectively insulated by myelin. There are a vast number of different kinds of neurons in each animal, and for some there are more of the nice big, insulated ones for processes that need to be very fast. For example the giant squid has an axon up to 1mm thick and is responsible for the essential system that allows it to pump water and move around. For escaping from trouble this quick response therefore merits a very, very quick response. The actual massive size is probably a response to the fact that the squid lacks effective myelination and so the signal leaks all the way along!

The second part of your questions isn't really relative to nerve speeds. Things like "hearing" and "seeing" are the brain interpreting messages. Totally different nerve impulses may have the same effect when interpreted by the brain. I would therefore guess that how you would perceive these things would entirely depend on who you were!

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