Will clones have the same personlity?

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Will clones have the same personlity?

Post by scottyiu » Wed Dec 07, 2005 11:40 am

Will clones have the same personlity? Are clones the same thing as twins?
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Post by Bio-Hazard » Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:34 pm

This is more of a psychology question.
Psychology = the study of behavior.

I believe that twins don't even have the same fingerprints.. so twins are different.. A clone, an exact clone however would most likely have the same psychobiology and fingerprint.

This meaning their brains will be the same, therefore the traits of personality they were born with give them a predisposition the display a certain personality. Basically said, they were born with a personality just as the original was, but it all depends on factors to make the personality come into motion.

An abusive family may have triggered the personality in the original person to turn into a psycho, it set off the biological mechanism quicker.

However, a loving family for the clone may trigger the personality to calm down, however when the clone goes to an abusive public school, their personality will be triggered and they will become violent.

Many studies were done with twins in which they were distanced apart for many years, these studies showed that twins were very alike in personality some even chose the same career path.

However, the twins that are male/female (one male, one female) usually don't have the same personality, perhaps because of hormones or some other factors.

So remember, it has to do with environment (school, home, work) and it also has to do with what you were born with.

On a nano-microscale, twins are somewhat different when first splitting, i'm getting into the whole quantum particle difference here. I assume a clone would be also, but it's ability to be the same would be closer than a twins.

I think the most reasonable ethic situations with clones comes with the whole idea of the fourth dimension and perhaps throwing the universe out of whack, which some see as a crazy thing.

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