Somatic Fusion and Reproduction

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Somatic Fusion and Reproduction

Post by Thomas9666 » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:15 pm

For my advanced Biology project, I would love to create protoplasts and then create a hybrid plant through somatic fusion, but just a few quick questions first:

Do somatic fusion hybrids display characteristics of both cell donors at the same time? Or is it similar to a dihybrid cross, where some plants would show one characteristic and another one another? Which leads on to another question...

If I were to successfully fuse two different species of reed, one tropical and one used to the "delightful" Scottish weather, would it grow in the colder British climate, or enter a period of dormancy when cold due to the tropical genetics?

And would this hybrid be able to sexually reproduce with clones of itself?

Supposing that this does work, what is the naming protocol for somatic hybrids? Could I choose something, which would relate to the Latin name of the parent plants (apple x potato malus tater), or does it have to be half and half ( apple x potato malus tuberosum)

Thanks for any help you can give,


EDIT: a powerpoint just loaded after I posted this saying that sometimes the fused cell fuses the nuclei of the protoplasts and sometimes it rejects and secretes one of them. Is there a method that has a higher yield of fused nuclei over the loss of one plant's genetic?

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