Where to get Fibroblasts and Immune stem cells?

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Where to get Fibroblasts and Immune stem cells?

Post by NathanielZhu » Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:07 am

I'm wanting to get some simple adult stem cells to culture and play around with but I don't want to pay the heafty price for professional packages of them from invitrogen or some other big company. I also don't want to kill anything for it. In addition, I doubt my university would give me some just so I could have fun with it. I don't mind which animal species I take it from, I just want to culture some stem cells (which I theoretically know how to do and I know where to get the media).

So....I'm wondering, is it possible to get fibroblasts and blood stem cells from the muscle and blood of poultry and beef from the super market?
And if I could, would the cells be in a condition to divide (if I made them immortal?)
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