Cell and Molecular Revision Question Help!!! (2)

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Cell and Molecular Revision Question Help!!! (2)

Post by Didact1 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:35 am

Unsure if I posted in the right section so I posted twice, one for the two categories so forgive my double posting (Cell Biology and Molecular Biology)

Hello I would appreciate some assistance with the following review questions as my exam is coming up in a few weeks I'm just revising my content, however, there seems to be a limited range of practice questions and when it comes to these I seem to struggle, so would appreciate some explanations/walkthroughs as to how to do them so I may learn.

Approximately 1% of the human genome consists of protein-coding sequences (exons). A diploid somatic human cell contains 5 picograms/pg of DNA and rapidly growing E.coli cells contain on average four genomes giving a total of 0.017pg of DNA. Assuming that the sequences within the E.coli DNA codes for protein and that the average size of proteins is similar in humans and E.coli, how many more proteins could theoretically be expressed by the haploid human genome than by the haploid E.coli genome?

A 100bp fragment is to be cloned into the EcoRI site of pBR328 (4.9 Kb) in order to detect successful insertions using blue/white selection. Given that there are 50 nanograms of EcoRI digested pBR328, on the basis of the optimal ratio of insert: vector for ligations, how much insert would be added to the 50ng of EcoRI digested pBR328 to ensure the best possible chance of successful ligation? (MW dsDNA = 660; MW ssDNA = 330)

Again would appreciate some feedback/walkthrough of these questions as I'm currently doing practice questions.

Cheers, Didact1

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