Question about Kingdom Plantae


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Question about Kingdom Plantae

Post by cklee » Mon Nov 21, 2005 6:08 am

What type of Gamete is produced by an antheridial head of a moss? By an archegonial of a moss?

How does the sporophyte generation of the moss acquire nuturents if it is not photosynthetic?

What process is used by the fern sporophyte to produce spores? Are these spores diploid or haploid?

Compare the structure of the gametophytes in a conifer and in a moss

thank you ........

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Post by baikuza » Mon Nov 21, 2005 7:31 am

anteridium produces ovum, archegonium produces sperm.

"nuturents"? you mean nutriens?
do you talking about Bryophyta or Pteridophyta? which one?
moss..? how about from its gametophyt it gets those nutrients?

if it is Bryophyta it is haploid, if it is pteridophyta it is diploid. both of it just the same processes but differ in the phase where it is work(to make gametes). in pteridophyta, which one is you mention? it is homospore, heterospore or what?
the differences is at its spores. homospore has the two spores but we can not differ them each other.
heterospore has two different spores.
the last just at horsetails has megaspore and microspore.

maybe fern spores is haploid.

conifer bigger archegonium and anteridium than moss-look at its size

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