Collagen, Amino Acids and Gelatin

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Collagen, Amino Acids and Gelatin

Post by JohnFP » Wed Nov 16, 2005 4:05 pm

OK, hopefully someone here is knowledgeable about gelatin. I know it is being use for everything from soft and hard caps for medicine to applications in skin grafting.

I am an amateur holographer and make my own emulsion. Dichromated Gelatin. I am trying to understand in what form the amino acids are in gelatin.

I understand the gelatin comes from collagen that is broken down through a process. I am particularly interested in Type B Bone or Type B Hide gelatin which uses an alkaline process. I am getting mixed information on the internet.

First, Does Type B gelatin have any of the triple helices found in the raw collagen? Do all the helices break into individual amino strands or do some or parts of some of the triple helices remain in the gelatin from.

Second, what is the length of the individual amino strand in the gelatin? Is about .3um sound right?

Third, what percentage of individual strands have a charged end and what is the charge. Example: 30 percent of the strands have a negative and a positive end, 10 percent of the strands have a negative end only... etc...

Forth, Are all covalent bonds broke or just a percentage of them.

Fifth, when I cook 10% gelatin at 40C for 1 hour, then let it cool, what happens to the amino acid strands? Do they start bonding with hydrogen bonds only or other bonding? What percentage bonds?

Many more questions but I don't want to overwhelm on my first post here.
I hope this stimulates some conversation even if all or any of the questions cannot be answered.

John Pecora
Ask not what Holography can do for you, ask what YOU can do for Holography!

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