How the brain interprets reality.

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How the brain interprets reality.

Post by CheyenneAlvis » Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:29 am

The MonaLisa sits in a museum.
Suddenly, in walks a PuppyDog.
The dog looks at the MonaLisa and he sees an image of a woman in a variety of gray colours, and a few hues of yellow.

Then a Cat walks in.
The cat looks at the MonaLisa and sees a mixture of grays as well as some green.

Finally a Human Being walks in and he sees The Mona Lisa in a multitude of colours. Browns, skin tones, a bit of dark amber, some blue hues in the back ground etc.

The question to ask then is which of these realities is the TRUE reality?
what is the REAL colour of the Mona Lisa. Or does The Mona Lisa(or any painting for that matter) have any colour at all,
except for that which is defined inside our own brains.

in other words, what does reality REALLY look like?
or is that even a valid question?

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Post by TYLS » Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:28 am

different animals have different photoreceptors. they may perceive the same image as being very different in colour. if i am not wrong prawns are able to receive a larger number of colours so reality to them will be much more colourful.

haha hope this helps.

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