Tissue Plasminagen Activator (given in hospitals for stroke)

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Tissue Plasminagen Activator (given in hospitals for stroke)

Post by segarama » Wed Nov 02, 2005 6:00 am

November 1, 2005

TPA or Tissue Plasminagen Activator is administered to people who have strokes and can make it to certain hospitals in the US within 1-3 hours. TPA has known to move the success rate of emergency stroke recovery from 30% to 50%. TPA is only given in selected hospitals and at last count only 10% of hospitals in the US administer TPA. If you had a stroke, would your hospital be able to attempt to save your life with TPA????????

Does anyone know why the percentage of hospitals in the US is relatively low at 10%. Is it an insurance problem? Is a 20% survival increase too small of an increase to implement. I am sure that there must be really good reasons for about 90% of US hospitals refusing to administer TPA to Stroke victum.....What are they?????
Be well, :shock: Rob

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